A new Brand is born:

Mosey & Co

At the beginning, there was a name and an amazing product in development.

But what next?

“Can you do a logo for us?”

This was the original question, Mosey & Co came up with.

After a call, it was clear that there was much more to do.

Step 1:

Brand Discovery Workshop

In a two-day workshop, we developed the personality of the brand.

Brand attributes define who you are. 

User definition gives you the right point of view. 

Goal setting gives you a destination.

Step 2:

Company Logo & Identity.

Based on the brand map, this is the new logo:

The logo is specially created for digital usage. The icon is perfect for social media profile pics.

Step 3:

Instagram, Facebook and a Landing Page are finally online!

Goal is to raise brand awareness and to build a community that will buy and promote the product, once sale starts.


Website / Webshop, Packaging, Content Marketing, Customer Experience.

Check back in!

This case study will be updated along the process.

I will share my learnings and knowledge.

Start to build your brand today!

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